Anonymous asked:

Why don't you believe in "the one?"

blakebaggott answered:

Because I don’t believe that love is a matter of destiny, but a matter of choice. Love, as define according to Jesus and the scripture, is a matter of self-sacrifice. Many times, people who believe in “the one” are waiting to “find” love or “stumble upon” it. But that denies the very nature of love. Love isn’t a discovery, it’s a commitment.

"The one" for me will be the one with whom I make a covenant for life. And I’ll be "the one" for her. But I’m not looking for "the one". I’m working on being a man who can become “the one” for someone else—being someone who can truly live self-sacrificially, like Christ did for the Church.



Faculty Department 

The website is now live! Please visit at facultydept.com.

Over the past year, I have working on this site with Vince and Alvin from Studio Faculty in Vancouver. The website includes a few preview photography essays from the book, as well as more information about the project.

The book is now open for pre-orders. I can’t wait to share more as the book design progresses.